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Our Vacuum Formed Packaging Products

We offer vacuum formed packaging for all your business needs. Food packaging, packaging for Healthcare, display packaging, wax melt moulds, blister packs, clamshell packaging, collation and straight-on trays for transport and sale, gift box inserts and transit trays to optimise your factory workflows. All are produced to the highest tolerances at our BRC AA rated factory.

Breakdown PET and Prevented Ocean Plastic

Alongside our existing recyclable materials, we are now able to offer a new material called Breakdown PET, a radical new material which is first and foremost a recyclable product which also biodegrades in anaerobic conditions should it not be recycled and find its way into landfill.

The material used in the manufacture of Breakdown PET enhances the biodegradation from the action of microorganisms in anaerobic landfill sites. The organic additive allows the microbes to penetrate and then break the polymer chains down in order for them to be biodegraded.

Breakdown –PET is food contact compliant, and it still provides the shelf life and strength of conventional PET.

It is not a solution to litter and is not oxo-degradable.

The best result is that as consumers, we all take part in recycling the packaging we purchase, but we know this is not always the case so Breakdown PET could be the answer for packaging your product.

As a material Prevented Ocean Plastic is rPET (recycled PET) and it is made from recycled plastic that is sourced from at-risk coastlines. Please use the button below to find out how the Prevented Ocean Plastic programme works. The recycled plastic has certified traceability from coastline collection and can offer a point of difference for your packaging format.

For more information, please contact us and we can discuss your requirements.

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As specialists in vacuum formed plastic packaging, we oversee the entire production process from design conception, to tooling design and final production. This allows us to offer an incredibly broad spectrum of products, as every customer receives a totally unique product, designed to fit their purposes perfectly.

View our product gallery for the range of packaging products we offer. Some of our specialities include blister packs, clamshells, gift box inserts and freezable trays to simplify food manufacturing processes and transfer trays to protect products for delivery or for movement around the factory to optimise workflow.

In every case our design team will work with you and through prototypes and discussion will ensure you receive a bespoke design, suited exactly to your needs, and unlike many other packaging producers we keep the design process in house, so that we are able to offer you exceptionally fast lead times from conception to production.

Our Thermoformed Plastic Packaging Product Range

Vacuum-formed-food-packaging containing tomatoes

Food Packaging

From our BRCGS accredited nut-free site

Vacuum formed packaging for healthcare products with gloved hands

Healthcare Packaging

For the most demanding industries

Vacuum formed display packaging with coloured macaroons

Display Packaging

Showcasing your products

Wax melts and mould forms

Wax melts and mould forms

Protect your products

Vacuum formed clamshell packaging with coloured macaroons

Clamshell Packaging


Hinged packaging that clips closed


Vacuum formed collation and tray holding quails' eggs

Collation and Trays


Keep everything together, for transport and sale


Vacuum formed gift box insert for shell shaped chocolates

Gift Box Inserts


Perfectly shaped to hold your product


Vacuum formed transfer tray packaging holding chocolate cups

Preparation Trays


To optimise factory workflows



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