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VisorProtect Face Shields

Woman and boy wearing VisorLite Face Shields

VisorProtect – British Protective Face Shields

VisorProtect is a low cost, British-made protective face visor to shield the face, as an additional layer of personal protection against Coronavirus (COVID-19). VisorProtect is designed to be worn when travelling on public transport, shopping, caring or in the workplace. Its especially useful for those dependent on lip-reading. VisorProtect, manufactured by British Falcon Plastics in the UK, is designed to be lightweight and disposable. It gives an additional layer of personal protection to the eyes, nose and mouth against airborne splatter.

The face shield sits gently on the forehead and can be worn with face masks, protective eye wear and glasses. VisorProtect is easily assembled with 3 components. It is environmentally friendly, made from recycled plastic products. When no longer in use, simply recycle the VisorProtect by putting it straight back into your recycling collection. (Please check local recycling arrangements first).

Low Cost Prices for VisorProtect Face Shield

VisorProtect face shields can be purchased in the following quantities with free postage, inclusive of VAT:

  • 10 VisorProtect Face Visors £7.50 
  • 100 VisorProtect Face Visors £60.00
  • 300 VisorProtect Face Visors £145.00

Please note, orders will take 3 – 5 working days to dispatch due to a high level of demand.

Please contact us direct for larger quantities.

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Why use British Falcon Plastics for your Face Shield ?

This pandemic has hit us all and during this challenging time we have helped a few companies and individuals not only with their design but also issued material to them to provide face protection to support our frontline workers.

We have a long history in designing and producing different solutions for a wide spectrum of customers and therefore have the skills to lend our support.

This gave us the inspiration to come up with an economical and convenient solution to produce a face visor for those that would like that feeling of added protection as we try and get back to normality.

What is a face shield and why should I use one?

VisorProtect is a face shield made of clear recycled plastic, attached around the forehead to cover and additionally protect the eyes, nose and mouth.

Why use a face shield

  • It gives additional face protection, covering the eyes and nose as well as the mouth
  • Can be worn with a hat, protective glasses and a face mask
  • It reduces droplet splatter from a cough or sneeze
  • Easy and comfortable to wear
  • Reusable
  • Easy to disinfect and clean
  • Prevents the user from touching their face
  • Easy to use and assemble
  • Could potentially reduce the transmission of infection
  • An alternative to a face mask to aid communication where people are dependent on lip-reading.

How to use a face shield

The VisorProtect comes in 3-parts which can be easily assembled using the instructions provided and used immediately.

The VisorProtect is made up of elastic to attach the visor, a plastic headband, and the visor shield.  Assemble using the clear instructions, and place over the head. The VisorProtect face shield can be worn under your hat/baseball cap making wearing more discrete and a bit more fun.

Clean with an alcohol wipe or hot soapy water between wearing it.

When you have finished with your VisorProtect, simply remove the elastic and place in your home recycling. (Please check local recycling arrangements.)

Who should wear a face visor?

VisorProtect should be worn to provide additional personal protection in conjunction with other PPE such as facemasks and protective glasses.

For use when outside the home by:

  • Using public transport
  • General public
  • Carers
  • Key transport workers
  • Shoppers
  • Reception staff
  • Retailers serving the general public
  • Food manufacturers
  • Workers where social distancing is not always possible in the work place.

Why buy your face shield from British Falcon Plastics?

British Falcon Plastics, established in 1989 is a company you can trust, with one of the best track records for Healthcare and Food packaging to leading manufacturers.

We are committed to protecting the environment, using technology and design solutions to minimise waste and maximise recyclability with our use of rPET plastic made from recycled plastic products.

We use materials sourced from ethical UK producers, and we use recycled plastics wherever possible. All of these plastics are recyclable, our aim is for nothing that leaves our site to have to end up in landfill.

Please note, the VisorProtect contains trapped internal Latex within the elastic only. However, it does not come into contact with the skin, even on full stretch.

Woman wearing VisorProtect Face Shield
Woman wearing a VisorProtect face visor and British Falcon Plastics hat
Smiling boy wearing VisorProtect Face Shield
Man wearing VisorProtect Face Shield
Man wearing VisorProtect Face Shield